The Indian Bathtubs ​are just a short walk from the main road through the park.  The Bathtubs consist of two pits created at the site of a natural spring.  Local legends debate whether these tubs were, in fact, made by Native Americans or whether they were carved out by the original Spanish settlers.  Regardless of who created them, they are in a beautiful setting and it is a lovely ramble into the woods to reach them.

Our 51 foot long water slide is a delight for our younger beach visitors.  During the summer, the slide is up on Saturdays and Sundays from 11AM - 5PM, weather permitting.  After Memorial Day, the slide is up more often depending on park attendance.  

​Park General Admission includes access to the Historic Old St. Stephens site, the Crawford Memorial, the Indian Bathtubs, walking trails, Quarry Lake Beach, fishing from the bank of the lake, and general use of the park.

           $3 per day for adults          $2 per day for children ages 6-11         Free for children under age 5

Annual passes are available.


​St. Stephens Historical Park

A Legend.  A Destination.  a piece of paradise.

Fishing is good for the soul, and the fishing is good at St. Stephens Historical Park.  Our lake has bass, bream, catfish, and crappie.  The water is clear and still, so it takes some skill and luck to catch our fish.  To launch your own boat into the lake, there is a $3 launch fee. (Remember to only use your trolling motor.)  You can rent a fishing boat from us for $10 for 1/2 a day or rent a kayak or paddle boat for $5 per hour.  Many of our visitors enjoy fishing from the bank of the lake.

Horseback riding is a popular activity in the park.  The park offers miles of trails.  A color coded trail map is available.  Many guests bring their horses and rent stalls for the week-end.  Day-riding is $8 which includes general admission to the park.  Stall rental is $15 per night and includes the day-riding charge.  Guests must provide their own horses.

Quarry Lake Beach ​is a man-made beach that sits on the edge of a 90-acre lake.  The beach has two covered pavilions.  The beach has a wide, gentle slope in the swimming area.  Beyond the swimming area are some dangerously deep areas that resulted from the original quarrying of limestone in this area.  Beach volleyball is available and a 51 foot inflatable slide is up during peak season. No animals are allowed on the beach.

Fishing Boats, Kayaks, and Paddle Boats can all be rented at the Park store.  Fishing Boats are $10 for 1/2 day. Kayaks and Paddle Boats are $5 per hour.  All boats need to be returned to the boat launch area.  Life jackets are available in the park store.